Effective immediately, NYS has mandated all documents that are required to be posted in a workplace, must also be distributed electronically or posted on the company website.

Please click on each link to view the required poster.

New York State Posters:

Fringe Benefits and Hours

Veteran Benefits

Corrections Law


NYS Minimum Wage

Job Safety and Health Protection

Right to Know Health Safety

Expressing Breast Milk

Equal Pay

Wage Theft Prevention

Permitted Working Hours for Minors

Employee Rights Protections Obligations

Sexual Harassment

NYS Website for Posting Requirements


Federal Posters:

Wage and Hour Division




Federal Minimum Wage



Employees are also covered by Unemployment Insurance, Workers' Compensation, Disability Insurance and Paid Family Leave.

See Martha Young for Fringe Benefits and Hours information.

Should you need additional information or have questions, please contact Martha at 315-824-2811.